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$144.00 $144.00

This includes 1 case of 12 mini bottles.
*IMPORTANT - for brick and mortar stores only

Introducing SimpleCoat: a hassle-free, multi-surface treatment that is changing the way you seal and protect surfaces in your home. Use SimpleCoat on nearly any surface you want to shield from liquids, stains, odors. SimpleCoat saturates deep below the surface, penetrating for deep, long-lasting protection. Our clear, non-staining, non-streaking and non-hazing formula brings out the natural texture of stone surfaces while polishing and protecting stainless steel.

How many bottles do I need?

You need 0 fl. oz which will be 0 bottle

feature:concentrated formula Concentrated Formula
feature:long lasting deep protection Long Lasting Deep Protection
feature:no odors or harsh chemicals No Odors or Harsh Chemicals
feature:safe & non-toxic Safe & Non-Toxic

Safe & Non-Toxic

Eco-friendly, odorless, non-toxic formulation, Food-safe, family safe, pet safe and non flammable.

No Odors or Harsh Chemicals

100% active formula with no solvents, VOCs, BPAs, or petroleum distillates. Zero toxic chemicals, dyes or fragrances.

Concentrated Formula

One 8oz bottle protects 3,000 ft² of stone and 7,000 ft² of stainless steel